Ex Tax: $889
2-3 Days

Country of Origin Japan


Delivery Bag includes:
1. Heidi's Antiseptic Sanitizer Spray (Made in USA) x1
2. Mama & Baby Thick Cotton x 1 bag
3. Baby Cotton x1 bag
4. Baby Wet Cotton (20 pcs individual pack) x1 box
5. Baby Wet Wipes (80pcs) x1 bag
6. Fruit Maternity Pad Size L (5 pcs) x 2 bags
7. Fruit Maternity Pad Size M (10 pcs) x2 bags
8. Fruit Maternity Pad Size S (10 pcs) x2 bags
9. Breast Pad (36 pcs) x 2 bag
10. Pants Size L x 3 pcs
The differences between Amethyst Delivery Bag and the delivery bag in Hong Kong Hospital are:
1. Amethyst (Japan) is a company that mainly produces hospital operating room supplies. The quality is at medical grade.
2. Amethyst (Japan) products are jointly developed by doctors and nurses, Hence, the delivery bag is widely supplied in many Japanese private hospitals and public hospitals.
3. US Heidi's disinfection spray is added separately, mainly for the current anti-epidemic needs

For natural laboring, the lochia will be released in natural way, 2 more bags of Maternity Pad are needed. (Search Code: B26662)